Etna Bianco  Barone Villagrande

Etna Bianco Barone Villagrande

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A visual inspection of the wine - Identify the hue, intensity, viscosity


Identify aromas - Primary Aromas (fruit, flower, and herb-like flavors),
Secondary Aromas (yeast, cheese, cream, sourdough, or beer-like smells), Tertiary Aromas (aging in oak barrels, vanilla, maple, browned butter, and nut-like aromas)


Taste structure on your tongue and flavors derived from retronasal olfaction (sweetness, acidity, tannin, body, lenght)


Take a pause to solidify the taste profile of the wine into your long term memory (Does the wine’s taste characteristics work in balance with each other? And
does the wine have an endless number of flavors and textures to identify?
Or does the wine only have one or two major flavors?


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Etna Bianco Barone Villagrande

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